A Better Tomorrow

Caymankind - A Better Tomorrow
At the heart of Caymankind lies a fundamental belief that the future is every bit as important as the present. With that belief comes a commitment--to sustainable living, environmental protection and "green growth". Long at the forefront of marine conservation, the Cayman Islands, through the good works of the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and the privately-funded Central Caribbean Marine Institute and it's newly launched Coral Reef Conservancy, is working to ensure all that makes our islands so uniquely beautiful is guaranteed for generations to come.

Most recently, the Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector (CEPTS) has been put into place to instill the splendor from which the islands thrive. By way of solutions such as rainwater harvesting, conscious solid waste management, and the simple adjustment of workplace habits, feasible change among all tourism entities is underway.

With CEPTS' first group of properties achieving Green Globe™ Certification, the premier phase of this mission acts as a vibrant start on the path towards island-wide sustainability.

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