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The lionfish, with its plume of spiky tentacles, is beautiful — but it’s an eco-disaster for the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, where it has depleted native fish populations and is killing the coral reefs.
5th Annual event in Grand Cayman is a good place for all levels of underwater photographers to learn from the best in the dive business
The official Cayman Islands Facebook page, @VisitCaymanIslands recently sat down with a paralympic athlete Ryan Chalmers as he prepared for an unprecedented feat. On Saturday, April 6, Ryan kicked off his 'Push Across America' in Los Angeles. Raising awareness and funds for Stay-Focused, a non-profit organisation providing disabled teens and young adults with motivating scuba dive programmes in the Cayman Islands, Chalmers will push his racing chair the equivalent of two to three marathons per day to complete his 71- day journey from Los Angeles to New York City.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (30 May, 2011)The Department of Tourism would like to congratulate Luigi Moxam and Kamala Murugesu on their selection as the hosts of the Department of Tourism’s You Tube video series.
Cayman Island Dive Operators are offering a special to help the Cayman Islands ‘manage’ the invasion of the red lionfish, by providing educedcourse fees to visitors and residents this fall. With recent approval from the Marine Conservation Board several months ago, Cayman’s dive operators are now able to teach the PADI Lionfish Tracker Distinctive Specialty course, and upon completion, guests receive the PADI c-card plus the local lionfish culling license.