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The Cayman Parrot - national bird of the Cayman Islands


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Don't let your opportunity to see some of the Caribbean's most beautiful creatures fly away. Most nature reserves provide bird-watching tours in the Cayman Islands, contact the for schedules.

All three islands provide the opportunity for guided island-wide tours. Cayman Island tours let visitors experience the wonders above the water with knowledgeable guides. These tours can be arranged while on-island or prior to arriving.

Tour activities include exploring Northside and the Mastic Trail, Caving and the Bluff or simply a tour visiting the historical sites of the islands. The Wreck of the Ten Sails, Pirate Caves in Bodden Town and even Hell in West Bay can all be visited by tour.


The Bodden Town Pirates Caves
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The Bodden Town Pirates Caves
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George Bodden
281 Bodden Town Road
Grand Cayman, Bodden Town, PO Box 387, KY1-1602
Discover the The Bodden Town Pirate's Caves where history's most notorious pirates hid their treasure. Tour Grand Cayman's most spectacular underground formations. Experience a unique opportunity to wander through passages actually used by pirates as hiding places for valuable treasures.

Our self guided tours educate children and adults about our native flora and animals by touch, sight, smell and sound. It is truly a sensory learning experience!

You can also shop for locally made crafts, photography and art in our store for something uniquely Caymanian, or if your prefer to just read a good book and have a cup of coffee, we can provide that too!

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Hints & Tips

  • When taking a tour bring a hat, wear sturdy shoes and relax - that is what a vacation is all about.
  • Don't pack sunscreen, purchase it when you arrive.
  • Bring a sundress and a nice shirt that can double as a cover-up when going to or from the beach.