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A kayak is a small human-powered boat, propelled manually by a double blade paddle. Although recreational kayaks are traditionally closed, in the Cayman Islands, you’re more likely to find open sea kayaks. These vessels are usually designed for one, two, or even three.

On your Caribbean getaway in Cayman, kayaking is an great, active way to tour the waters. On a kayaking tour you’ll be able to interact with Cayman's famous marine life, access the Island's hidden niches, and learn more about the vast eco-system of the Cayman Islands.

There are several kayak tour operators throughout the island waiting to help you make the most of your Caribbean getaway to the Cayman Islands.

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Hints & Tips

  • Kayaking to Owen Island is a great way to get some exercise and explore an undeveloped islet.
  • Try a bioluminescent tour in the North Sound - an unforgettable experience.
  • Get a group of people together and race your kayaks.