Local Awareness

CCMI Young Environmentalist Leadership Course

DoT in partnership with CCMI offers to students the opportunity to participate in this Course.

CCMI’s Young Environmental Leadership course will focus on exposing graduating high school students to marine tourism careers and conservation issues. It will aim to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices in the Cayman Islands through a two-week long course at the Little Cayman Research Centre. The students selected for this program will gain valuable exposure to many marine-based tourism industries in the Cayman Islands such as scuba diving and boating.

The goal of the course is to give students skills for a successful career while raising awareness of threats to the natural environment the Caymanian tourism industry depends on. By informing Caymanians entering the tourism industry, CCMI hopes to foster future business owners that are environmentally conscious so that the marine environments the economy depends on are safeguarded.

Target Group:  Age 16-17
Dates/ Activities: 21st July to 4th August

Disney Christmas Treat

Disney Cruise Lines demonstrates good corporate citizenship by bringing to the island, a cast of Disney Characters and a crew of VoluntEARS to Ms. Nadine’s Pre-School and the students of the Lighthouse School. The Characters and VoluntEARS share the joy of the Christmas season by giving gifts and spending time with the children.

Target Group:  Various Ages
Dates/ Activities: December

Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Christmas Party

Member Cruise Lines of the FCCA demonstrate good corporate citizenship by bringing to the island a cross-cultural selection of their crew to share the joy of the Christmas season by giving gifts and spending time with the children. To further delight the students, crew members sing Christmas songs from around the world.

Target Group:  Various Ages
Dates/ Activities: December

Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Children’s Essay Competition

Tourism awareness and exploration program for students aged 17 and younger. This project is designed to get students to think more in depth about the impacts, benefits, and costs of tourism and to explore the assets of our tourism 'product'. Topic: What does sustainable tourism mean to your destination?

Target Group:  Under 17
Dates/ Activities:  Jan - July

Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Environmental Poster Competition

Tourism awareness and exploration program for students aged 17 and younger. This project is designed to get students to think more in depth about the impacts, benefits, and costs of tourism and to explore the assets of our tourism 'product'. This competition seeks to promote and stimulate environmental awareness among students and effectively educate younger generations on the importance of environmental protection.

Target Group:  Under 17
Dates/ Activities:  Jan – May

Ministry of Tourism Scholarship Programme

The Scholarship programme is a tourism capacity building campaign to provide the opportunity for more Caymanian tourism professionals to gain the education and training needed for them to succeed in the industry. Scholarships are offered for those wishing to pursue a bachelors or masters degree in tourism/tourism related field.

Target Group:  17+
Dates/ Activities: forms available online.
Deadline for submissions: First Friday in May 2013

Ministry of Tourism Networking Event

The Ministry and Department of Tourism are committed to the professional development of MOT Scholars and to that end has organized networking events to introduce the scholars to the stakeholders of the tourism industry and to provide an easier transition from university to the Cayman Islands work environment.

Target Group:  Scholars and Industry Partners
Dates/ Activities:  July

MoT Summer Internship (Undergraduate)

The internship program is an arm of the department's capacity building campaign. Providing hands on experience to MOT Scholars is part of the Ministry's development plan to infuse the workforce with more qualified tourism professionals.

Target Group:  17+
Dates/ Activities: request a summer internship application

PRIDE in the Schools

The PRIDE in Schools workshop “Setting the Foundations”. This name was chosen as we are trying to set the groundwork for PRIDE in our youth. Setting the Foundations will cover 5 main areas which will teach our youth the importance of tourism to the Cayman Islands and the impact that they have on tourism.

PRIDE in Schools programme for (pre-school) kindergarten, primary and middle schools are currently being developed.

Target Group:  High School Students
Dates/ Activities: Upon request

Quiz Competition

The quiz competition is an awareness building program to test knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry.  Competition for all ages and based on information shared in the DoT articles in newspapers and online. Participants can text in answers to questions posted online or in the newspaper in DoT advertising or press releases. Two separate numbers are provided for students and adults. Prizes and giveaways for winners.

Target Group:  All Ages
Dates/ Activities:  TBD – look out for our updates
Deadline for entries  and Winner announcement: weekly

Teachers Welcome

The Teachers Welcome organised by the Ministry of Education in which the Dept of Tourism participated in. This is an opportunity to share information about the Cayman Islands with new teachers.  Teachers also provided with Tourism Education Programmes Listing and Tourism Education for Teachers Manual.

Target Group: Teachers
Dates/ Activities: August

Tourism Career & Awareness Exploration Series

These presentations are designed to stimulate student's minds around various tourism concepts: how the department markets the islands; tourism and the environment; the social impacts of tourism, careers in tourism; the benefits of tourism to the entire three islands; and cruise tourism just to name a few of the topics.

Target Group:  Age 5+
Dates/ Activities: Presentations available upon request.

  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Careers in Tourism
  • Armed for Success
  • Pride in Schools  - Setting the Foundation
  • Economic, Socio-Cultural and Environmental Factors Impacting on Tourism Development
  • Tourism & Natural Environment
  • Career Exploration – with industry guests
  • CEPTS – Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector
  • Cruising Cayman
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Marketing the Cayman Islands
  • Know Your Cayman Islands – Cultural Workshop

Tourism Career Fair

Annual Chamber of Commerce Career and Scholarships Expo: This fair presents an opportunity to speak to students and general public regarding tourism educational offerings and scholarship opportunities.

DoT is also available for Career fairs at individual schools and institutions to speak with students on career and scholarship opportunities.

Target Group:  All
Dates/ Activities: February

Short Film Competition

This competition is designed to help bring awareness to tourism and a sense of pride about the Cayman Islands through the students. Participants must capture the theme “Cayman...through our eyes”  through the medium of film that would reflect how they see Cayman, whether from the natural surrounds, the land, underwater, to encourage visitors to visit or inviting locals to explore.

Target Group:  Ages 10-17
Dates/ Activities:  September – December

Teachers Tourism Education Training

The Department of Tourism provides training for teachers throughout the Cayman Islands on the skills, topics and methods required to teach tourism topics through various disciplines. Teachers that represent a diverse range of teaching levels and disciplines can participate in training on methods for incorporating tourism content in the curriculum and prepare teachers to teach tourism concepts in the classroom.

This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education Services.

Target Group:  Educational Professionals of All Ages
Dates/ Activities: August

Tourism Speak Off

The Tourism Speak Off Competition is an awareness building campaign for above average year 9 through year 12 high school students to develop their analytical and debating skills on tourism topics. First round consists of an essay from which the four finalists will be selected for the debate on World Tourism Day.

From the Tourism Speak Off Competition, one student is selected to represent his / her country and is given the title of "Tourism Ambassador". The title is to be held for one (1) year and the student is given the opportunity to be involved in tourism-related activities throughout the year in his / her country.

Target Group:  14-17year old
Dates/ Activities:  May – September

Tourism Ambassador

The winning student from the Tourism Speak Off secures for one year the role of Tourism Ambassador, gets an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean Tourism Organization's Youth Congress, and makes appearances throughout the year at Ministry/ Department of Tourism sponsored events.

Target Group:  14-17year old
Dates/ Activities:  Year round events

Tourism Work Experience

The Work Experience Program provides an opportunity for high school and university students to gain practical experience during a 2 week or 3 month period with participating local tourism industry partners and the Department of Tourism. Further, students are required to report on their experience to their teachers or lecturers for credit.

Target Group:  Age 15+ Available upon request / or check with Careers Teacher

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day was commemorated on 27 September  under the theme ‘Tourism Linking Cultures’. This year’s theme is a celebration of tourism’s role in linking together the cultures of the world through travel.

Target Group:  All Ages
Activities:  photo competition deadline of August. visit http://wtd.unwto.org .

Welcome back to your schools and an exciting year of teaching, learning and celebrating the privilege of education. This page contains information on the Tourism Education programmes, events and activities that we are pleased to offer to your school.

Further updates will be sent to you on a regular basis, but we encourage you to incorporate these activities into your school’s calendar.

Thank you for allowing us to be your partner in tourism education, and I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Tunisia Barnes
Coordinator Tourism Training and Development & Administrator Ministry of Tourism Scholarship Programme