Cookout 2015 - Garnish Your Getaway
Charles Joly@Charles_Joly
Charles Joly
Chicago native Charles Joly is an award-winning, lifelong food and beverage professional. A certified mixologist, Joly focuses on a balance between the classics and his own seasonal original cocktails. His beverage program at the Aviary, which won a James Beard Award in 2013, offers a glimpse at mixology in the golden age of the cocktail. Joly’s career quickly rose in the national and international mixology scene with a long list of competition wins and industry awards. In 2013, Joly launched Crafthouse Cocktails – the nation’s first all-natural, premium line of prepared cocktails. In 2014, Crafthouse was awarded the highest ratings ever received in the prepared cocktail category. But, to his loyal guests and coworkers, he is best known for his rock star appearance, yet refined tastes.
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