Akustische Housing

Austria, circa 1950’s – ISDHF Collection

The Austrian made Akustische housing for Leica If, IIf, and IIIf cameras was designed with input from Austrian underwater photographer and explorer Hans Hass. The cast aluminum housing was manufactured to very high standards, and the level of workmanship is comparable to modern housings. The Akustiche was one of the finest camera housing built during the years of rapid growth in underwater photography and it housed one of the most respected names. Female pioneer underwater photographer Lott Hass used this housing extensively.

Examples of the housing that are showing up at auctions, though they are fifty years old, have held up well, and it is easy to see the ingenuity that went into their design, and the skill that went into their manufacture. Even today’s housing manufacturers would be hard pressed to improve it. Lotte Hass is an inductee in the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.