La Spirotechnique Calypso Phot

France, 1958

Belgian engineer Jean Guy Marie Josef de Wouters d’Oplinter designed the La Spirotechnique Calypso Phot. He had discussed the concept of a watertight camera with J.Y. Cousteau in 1949 when both men were aboard the vessel Calypso on its first cruise. In 1957, d’Oplinter developed the first model, which was called the Spiro. He refined the Spiro and in 1958 it was introduced as the Calypso, named in honour of the vessel on which he had discussed the idea with Cousteau. In the early 1960’s Nikon acquired the rights to manufacture the camera and it re-appeared as the Nikonos.

This Camera was acquired from the Sid Macken Collection and comes with its original box.