Rolleimarin Housing

Germany, 1953 – ISDHF Collection

German engineer Richard Weiss (with input from Hans Hass for whom the housing was named) designed the Rolleimarin housing for Franke & Heudecke, Fabrik Photographischer Prazisions-Apparate. The US patent was awarded in March 1960. The Rolleimarin housing was specifically designed for the Rolleiflex F3.5 medium format camera, and they were a perfect combination. The Rolleiflex, with its very high quality optics, combined with the 2-¼ inch square negative provided breath taking sharpness and detail in photographs.

That photographic precision housed in the compact, highly portable, and neutrally buoyant Rolleimarin became, for many years, the standard for professional photographers worldwide. Photographs taken with this system have graced the pages of many of the world’s most prestigious publications. Though in existence for over 50 years, many of these housings are still used by professional and amateur photographers, and they have become highly sought after by collectors. David Doubilet who is an inductee in the ISDHF donated the housing.