Wally Muller

Captain Wally Muller was a long-time fisherman, who explored reefs in the Swain sector of the Great Barrier Reef and the distant oceanic Coral Sea atolls that other captains avoided.

Many of those areas were uncharted, and considered too dangerous to enter. Captain Wally Muller single-handedly established and developed the entire live-aboard industry in Australia’s outer Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Wally Muller helped the careers of many underwater cameramen during shark filming expeditions. International dive companies had almost booked-out Coralita during the late 1970’s. Marine photographers Irvin Rockman, Al Giddings (Titanic; The Deep) Jack McKenney (Sharks Treasure), Ron Taylor (Taylor’s Innerspace and many others) made use of Wally’s expertise in visiting remote, clear water shark habitats. The ISDHF proudly highlights the exploring nature of Captain Muller.