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Google Earth


Take a trip to the Cayman Islands like never before—with Google Earth.  It’s the closest you’ll ever come to taking your vacation for a test drive. With the power of Google Earth you can explore the three islands from home. Fly from dive site to dive site, zooming in tight or pulling back for a wider view. With satellite imagery, it's almost like being here in person, view beautiful beaches, attractions and dive sites.

Start exploring.  Want to start exploring right away? It’s easy. Please download Google Earth to your computer. It’s completely free. Once you have Google Earth downloaded and running, click on the Cayman Islands layer, and you’re off. Also, watch out for the “Discover on Google Earth” icons throughout Click on them and you’ll immediately be taken to the Cayman Islands layer on Google Earth.

Now you’re ready to immerse yourself in the Cayman Islands—Google Earth style. From your aerial view, you’ll notice placemarks throughout the islands. To learn more, click on the different icons that represent beaches, attractions, and dive sites, and you’ll get interesting facts and photos that give you a taste of the experience. Click here to learn more information with bring back to the site to learn more about the attraction our beautiful islands.  

Download Google Earth to your computer.