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Meet the US Sales Team

With 118 combined years of selling the Cayman Islands, our team of sales representatives embodies expertise, excellence and an overall love for the destination. They’re here to serve you -our valued travel partners. From coast to coast and beyond we got you covered. Feel free to contact our team members team with any questions, concerns or opportunities.


Ronnie Torra


Jeff Ginther

northeast & california

Position Vacant


Tina Hodgson


Jennifer Boltz


Tina Jones

Barbara Reimers

National Sales Manager: 917.370.1304 

"From the first moment I saw Seven Mile Beach over 30 years ago, I was "in love". Finding the tucked away restaurant and BBQ stand make me smile and playing dominoes (which I'm really bad at) with the locals are memories that I hold as some of my best treasured moments. But making lifelong friends has been the best. That's Caymankind"

Jennifer Bolz

"For me Cayman is a since of warmth and peace...almost feeling like home sweet home. Warm, friendly faces with welcoming arms are there to greet you."

Territories: MD, KY, VA, DC, SC, NC, WV

Michael Foley

"Cayman is my happy place. Something is so magical about the crystal clear water, the calming breeze, and the white sand. #CaymankindForLife!"

Territories: NY, VT, ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, CA

Jeff Ginther

"Thirty-one years ago I first step foot on the Cayman Islands and am still in awe of Seven Mile Beach, the water, the sea life, but mostly the people. Even though the islands have gone through many changes over the years, the heart of the Cayman Islands remains the same."

Territories: AK, IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD, OH, WI

Tina Hodgson 

"My love of the Cayman Islands includes countless memories. One of my favourite ones is getting engaged at sunset overlooking Seven Mile Beach. There can hardly be more perfect a memory than that."

Territories: NV, AZ, UT, HI, KS, OK, NM, TX

Tina Jones

"I love the feeling of home and the natural beauty of the islands that brings out my creativity when I go to Cayman. The people are welcoming, friendly and warm as the sun. I love the water surrounding the islands, as it looks like blue jewels glistening in the ocean."

Territories: AL, GA, MS, AR, LA, TN, FL

Veronica Torra

"My favourite thing about the Cayman Islands are the warm, friendly people and the crystal clear water.

Territories: PA, DE, NJ, WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, CO

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