Crab on a Reef

The Cayman Islands are proud to honour and recognize such outstanding individuals who have contributed significantly to the international dive community. As scuba diving is intrinsic to Caymanian culture, the Cayman Islands strives to distinguish those who make the sport better for all.

As the Cayman Islands is the birthplace of recreational diving, it only makes sense that the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame would reside in the Cayman Islands. The dive scene is unparalleled with 365 distinctive experiences and we are delighted to identify those that continue to draw newcomers to the sport.

Legends and Lions
The induction ceremony is held in conjunction with Legends and Lions. Legends will be honoured by the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame—Lionfish will be hunted. From culling certification to new equipment demos, our operators are standing by to start this week with a splash. As always, each event embraces the eco-efforts our dive destination is known for. 

Hosted the first week in October travel packages are available.