May 2001

Public Tourism Arrivals Report

  For Month May Quarter 2 % Total Air Arrivals YTD
  2000 2001 % Diff. 2000 2001 % Diff. 2000 2001 # Diff.
West Coast1,8981,814-4.4%3,8673,621-6.4%4.7%4.5%-35



DOT Subtotal26,28025,026-4.8%55,13857,3834.1%92.0%93.3%8,494


Total Air28,78927,023-6.1%60,69762,5893.1%   
Total Cruise 64,639 98,591 52.5% 161,926 204,743 26.4%      
Tourism Arrival Statistics Footnotes

Month:May Year:2001

Please note that as of June 28th 2002 the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has had to retroactively adjust the January, February, March and April 2002 air arrival numbers by -135, -60, +286 and +1 persons respectively due to problems in the downloading and reporting processes for these months.

As of August 23rd 2002 the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has had to reissue all Monthly reports for the USA region from January 2000 thru June 2002 to accurately report internally revised USA regional responsibilities. These reporting changes will not affect the total USA or cumulative visitor arrival statistics previously reported per month.

Every visitor recorded as a VIS or PTT arrival by the Cayman Islands Immigration Department has been counted as a Tourist Arrival in this report. Due to potential errors in the collection and recording of this data, there may be a minor reporting errors within these summary statistics. All users of this data should be aware of the following potential errors:

21 records entered as tourists also had a reported country of permanent residence being Cayman Islands; 10 records entered as tourists also had a stated purpose as returning resident; 136 records entered as tourists also stated a purpose of in-transit. The net effect of these conflicting values creates a maximum potential error faction of up to 1%.

2,685 tourist arrival records, or 10% of the total tourist arrivals had unknown country information and had to be estimated by using the known citizenship information. Of the 24,338 visitor records in May with known values for the country field, 96% of them had a country value that equaled the citizenship value.

5,440 tourist arrival records, or 24% of the total US tourist arrivals had unknown regional information and had to be estimated. Of this number, 1,831 records have data missing, as they have been estimated as US arrivals based on citizenship information, and 3,609 records are known to be US arrivals but are missing valid zip code information.