The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism half year report aims to deepen the understanding of tourism performance based on the Cayman Islands Immigration Department (Immigration) data and the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) Visitor Exit Survey results collected during the period of 1 January to 30 June 2016. This data will be analyzed and used to inform marketing decisions and help support those industries that rely on tourism.

Highlights of this report includes the following:

  • June arrivals saw a 5.37% growth YOY with a total of 34,322 visitors. The US saw an 8.13% increase in visitation.
  • The destination had a total arrival of 210,490 air visitors for the first half of 2016 which was a 1.41% decline when compared to the same period last year. The Cayman Islands Government revenue for the January – May period saw a 2.13% increase resulting in KY$12.7 million collected. Even though there was a decline, we saw a more high quality guest visiting our shores.
  • Of the arrivals, US accounted for 80.09%, Europe at 6.93%, Canada at 6.69% and Other region at 6.3%.
  • The total tourism visitor impact which includes both air and cruise visitors for the same period was at 5.4% increase year over year.
  • The main purpose of visit remains to be recreational/ leisure. The average length of stay for the destination was 6.02 days.
  • 99.2% of respondents when asked to rate their overall experience in the destination they stated that it was “Very Good” or “Good”.
  • 45.07% perceived the Cayman Islands as being much better when compared to competitor destinations visited in the last 3 years.
  • Intentions to return to the Cayman Islands by air were positive for 96.5% of the respondents.
  • Within our accommodation sector we can report the following:
    • 500 properties are licensed to operate in the Cayman Islands
    • Maximum capacity is 15,842 persons
    • 5,502 bedrooms with available 8,058 beds
  • Total Cayman Islands airline capacity for 2016 is expected to grow by 5.74% YOY.
  • Total Cayman Islands visitor expenditure for the time period of July 2015 – June 2016 was estimated at KY$574.1 million. This figure includes both air and cruise visitor expenditure.

Please download the report here.