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On behalf of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and the Cayman Islands Government I would like to welcome you to the Tourism Statistics Centre. This site will seek to provide to our local stakeholders and the general public accurate and reliable data in a consistent and timely manner.

This report will be updated monthly to give you the most up-to-date arrivals statistics for both cruise ships and air arrival passengers. We aim to post the most current statistics to this site by the fourth Friday of each month for the previous month.

Sharing vital information with our partners will enable everyone to make informed decisions as we continue to grow Cayman Islands tourism. By utilizing the web we will ensure an expedient and accessible mechanism for the delivery of this information that you can access at your convenience. We hope that the ease of access and readily available information in a friendly format will help you in planning your business.

If there is vital information that you wish for us to provide on this site that is presently not being displayed please contact us at research@caymanislands.ky and we will review your request.

Thank you for visiting the Cayman Islands websites www.caymanislands.ky and www.divecayman.ky

With warm regards,
Mrs. Rosa Harris
Director of Tourism
Cayman Islands Department of Tourism